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2009 Subaru Exiga for sale @ $3,500

2011 Nissan Juke for sale @ $5,000

2012 Nissan March for sale @ $4,200

2006 Nissan Murano for sale @ $4,000

2007 Honda Stepwagon for sale @ $3,500

2009 Toyota Ractis for sale @ $3,800

2008 Nissan Moco for sale @ $3,300



Why choose tamie's auto?
1. Many choices
We have more than 25 cars in stock. Just give tamie a call at 090-9478-0227, so we pick you up at the back gate and show you our inventory.
2. Payments
We accept not only cash in US dollars but also credit cards for purchasing cars, renewal JCI or any other services.
3. Big discount
If you buy 2 cars at a time, we give you $1,000 discount on the 2nd car.
4. Buying cars back program
We buy the car back when you go back to the States.
<<tamie`s auto inc.>> 857-0854 3-14,Fukuishi-cho,Sasebo,Nagasaki 859-6409 TEL:090-9478-0227 FAX:0956-55-6273